Indrani Cosmetics Review

Hey guys!

I hope you are doing very well. In this blog post, I am up with skincare brand to review. Since the lockdown has started, I have been spending more time for taking care of my skin and clearly the results are visible. I tried different brands and one of those is Indrani Cosmetics. I have to mention that this brand such beautiful products and loving the results. I tried four products from this brand and loving them all. In this post, I will take you through all of them one by one.

But before we dive into the reviews I need to mention a few points:

  • I tested these products for 4 weeks and then sharing experience with you all.
  • As I wanted to try this brand first, I went for travel size packs.
  • Also this is a cruelty-free brand which is yayyy!
  • d) The packing is pretty decent. Not too fancy stuff but simple yet nice.

Now, here are my reviews:

Aloe Vera Spa Massage Cream
This is such a massaging cream. This doesn’t artificial fragrance. This smells pretty much like aloe leaf only which makes me believe that this is a genuine product to try on. After massaging it on your skin, you will see that this leaves a beautiful supple skin behind.
Pre-Facial Spa Mask
I also received this in facial kit which I am going to show next. Such a beautiful face mask. It’s pink in colour. The problem I usually have with face masks is that they leave my skin dry. But this isn’t a case with this for sure. So yayy…
Facial Spa Kit
This comes with 7 pieces as you can see in the picture and I will name the products in the order of steps:
1. Lavender Spa Cleanser
2. Microcrystalline Spa Skin Polishner
3. Pre – Facial Spa Pack
4. Spa Gel Scrub
5. Aloe Vera Spa Massage Cream
6. Sea Green Spa Facial Pack
7. Sea Green Spa Facial Pack
During this time when I definitely not preferring to go out for anything, this is my go-to kit.
I love the fragrance of this cleanser. It’s very mild and doesn’t dry out my skin at all unlike other cleansers which take out essential moisture from the skin.

And this all that I have to say about this brand and its product. I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

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Much love… ❤

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